Meet the Nut Cases

Golden Squirrel

The visionary. An early crypto adopter since 2014 who has worked with Ethereum and pioneering projects like Dash and Enjin to help get them off the ground. Has a knack for predicting the next big thing. For him, the next big movement in crypto will be easy-to-use retail onramps to the amazing products that have emerged in DeFi and NFTs - and that will be Squirrel!


The operator. Former writer for top crypto media companies The Block and Messari. $3B of trading volume as one of the first arbitrage traders to use the Binance API in 2017. Built crypto communities to 100k+ members and $100M+ market cap. NFT collector.


The evil marketing genius. The career CMO has his eyes set on building his next crypto venture. Previously worked as the CMO to the parent company to Syscoin, the billion-dollar market cap layer 1 blockchain. Before blockchain, he was the CMO of an app development company with over 50 million downloads… Next is the Squirrel Wallet iOS app.


The solidity genius. Formerly a senior developer at a multi-national bank… and then it dawned! Web3 is the future. Can be found reading documentation and whitepapers on his free time and manually testing code.


The other kind of developer. Leading the Squirrels in corporate development and partnerships, Igor has experience building another crypto startup, Polymath, to a $1billion market cap as their head of global business development.


The excitable product leader for Squirrelly Squirrels. She brings product and ops prowess from building for fancy fintechs and multi-billion-dollar blockchain companies.


The architect. Formerly Y-Combinator company senior developer turned smart contract ninja. Overseeing all Squirrel development to bring YC quality development to the crypto and blockchain universe.


The community builder. A track record of growing vibrant, 100k+ communities of crypto lovers from around the world - in multiple languages including English, Vietnamese, and Turkish!


The product owner. Software engineer turned product owner, bringing Squirrel-like agility to the development process to bring our community together through technology.


The flyer. Web2.0 finance developer turned Web3.0 ninja and is now building out the world’s best website for the Squirrel community.


The AMM expert. One of the first developers to build a decentralized exchange. There are few people in the world who have built multiple automated market makers, yet Wayne has been consistently head hunted to give his expertise in building DeFi products and DEXs. Now, he brings that expertise to the Squirrelly-Verse


The design lead for Squirrelly Squirrels. Making products, creating bands, and making sure that the Squirrels are always lookin' fresh!


The Picasso to his van Gogh. One of the two amazing artists behind the Squirrelly Squirrel NFTs. Read more.


The van Gogh to his Picasso. One of the two amazing artists behind the Squirrelly Squirrel NFTs. Read more.
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