Beta Test Guide

Getting Started

We are currently in Beta!
Beta testers should all have received a form to submit their email for testing (if you are an Android user, please make sure this is the email registered to Google Play). Once you've registered, you will receive an email with a download link to test the Squirrel Wallet app within 24h.
For iOS, you will receive an email from "TestFlight" at "no_r[email protected]" and you'll be required to first download the TestFlight app. You will see Squirrel Wallet in your TestFlight once you do. Download the beta app within TestFlight to get started!
For Android, you'll get an email from Google Play. You'll need to set your phone to "developer mode" to have this work properly.
Once you are on Squirrel, you'll be able to start a new wallet or import an existing one using mnemonic phrases. We do not currently support importing hardware wallets.
Remember that while the app is in Beta, any decisions you make using real crypto on any mainnet are real and permanent. So you can use the wallet as you would normally!
The mainnets we support are:
  • Ethereum
  • Polygon
  • Binance Smart Chain
  • Avalanche
  • Fantom
Please provide feedback here whenever you are ready :)

✨ Guided adventures ✨

Here are some safe places you can explore with Squirrel Wallet:

General FAQ

Where do I find my address?

Hit the activity button on the bottom right of the screen and go to the 'Receive' tab. You'll see your address and also a copy button.

How do I see my connected dapps?

To see your active Walletconnect connections, go to Settings -> Connected apps -> Click on the 3 dots -> Switch network.

Things you can't do on the app (yet)

In the test app, certain functionalities will be limited. These include:
  • Buying crypto with a credit card
  • Swapping
  • Settings page
  • Transferring NFTs out

Buying crypto with a credit card

You will only be able to purchase ETH on Rinkby in the Beta. Since this is a sandbox connection, please use this demo card for your purchases (please buy only $50 at a time we are poor):
  • Card number: 4000 0209 5159 5032 Expiry: 12/2022 CVC 123
If you accidentally use a real card for the demo, please don't worry! Your transaction should be rejected and there should be no charge. The card info will however be linked to your account (email) with MoonPay, our service provider.


On Squirrel Beta, you can swap on Ropsten and all mainnets. Only a handful of tokens have been added to our Beta app, but note that the swaps are real. This is to say that if you import a wallet and then make a swap on a mainnet (e.g. BSC), that swap is as permanent as it would be on any other live service. If you wish to test without swapping any real tokens, please stay on Ropsten!

Settings page

A few things on the settings page are still under construction. For now, please ignore the 'Developer' button and the 'Guardian' button 🤫

Transferring NFTs out

At the moment, we can receive NFTs on Squirrel Wallet Beta but can't directly send out from the app just yet.
You will still be able to sell/transfer via transactions on NFT marketplaces or swapping services though!