Provably Fair NFT Distribution

Read on to see how every purchaser of a Squirrelly Squirrel has the same opportunity to receive a rare Squirrel!

Importance of a Verifiable Fair Launch

We are committed to a fair and auditable launch for Squirrelly Squirrels because we think that's the foundation of a strong community. On this page, you'll find the details of how we've designed Squirrelly Squirrels to be fair so that whether you are our first team member or newest buyer, each member of our community has an equal chance of minting a rare NFT.

The process for how each NFT image is assigned to its token is outlined in the formula under Provenance Record. The outcome hinges on the starting index of images, which determines which image in a long, coded ("hashed") string of images will be assigned to the 1st NFT minted. The hashed string of images will be posted under Concatenated Hash String once generated. To make it fair, our starting index will be randomly generated on Chainlink and posted in the records table below. More information on how we generate the starting index here.

This means 2 things:

  • The images will be randomly assigned; and

  • The team won't have any prior knowledge of how the images will be assigned.

This means every Squirrelly Squirrel will be verifiably random, including those for presale and public sale, those going to the team for marketing, events, and giveaways, and those going to team members receiving honorary Squirrels for their work.

Provenance Record

Each Squirrelly is assigned to an artwork according to this formula:

(tokenId + startingIndex) % 10000 -> Initial Sequence Index

Finalized starting index

This will be generated on Chainlink before reveal. Chainlink documentation here.

Squirrelly Squirrels Contract Address

This will be provided on deployment.

Final Proof Hash

This is the proof for the state of the original concatenation string before startingIndex is set. It will be provided on deployment.

List of IPFS URIs

This will be provided when the NFT images are revealed.

Concatenated Hash String

This will be generated pre contract deployment and cannot be changed. The image order for Squirrelly NFTs will be reflected here after reveal (after the public sale) and takes startingIndex into account.

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