Squirrel Wallet
In a world with no gas fees... and financially responsible Squirrels rule the world....
The world's first non-custodial blockchain wallet for decentralized finance (DeFi) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) with no private key management - built for the next wave of retail blockchain users 🀌


Squirrel away your NUTS with Squirrel Wallet.
Squirrel Wallet allows anyone in the world to create a non-custodial (we don't touch your private key) blockchain wallet to hold all of their cryptocurrency, NFTs, and metaverse assets on their mobile device with best-in-class security... and no private key management. Squirrel leverages smart wallet technology to allow for social wallet recovery through guardians.
This is the wallet made for retail. The next wave of NFT, DeFi and metaverse users. With no gas fees.
  • Invest: connect your bank account to purchase blockchain assets
  • Earn: stake your tokens to participate in DeFi with one-click within your app interface
  • Swap: trade crypto assets instantly with no gas fees
  • Recover: lost your password? No problem. Recover your wallet even without a paper backup of your private key
  • Secure: best in class biometric security with iOS and Android
  • Bury: one-click buttons for yield farming
Control your blockchain assets from the comfort of your mobile device. No gas or private keys required.
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