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Users on Squirrel wallet can provide liquidity to pools. By placing your tokens into the a Liquidity pool, it means that NUTS and other tokens aren't hoarded or stuck in limbo. They will be used provide exchanges for other users within the liquidity pool.
As a reward for providing the liquidity the Squirrel AMM will reward these users with liquidity provider (LP) tokens.
Specific Token Pairs can be selected to provide liquidity for, or users can simply import their own
As a reward, LP tokens will be rewarded which can be used for more ways to earn or to redeem for NUTS
At any point, users can withdraw the tokens to be used or transferred. This can be done as well on the Squirrel Wallet Liquidity Tab
Simply fill-in the required amount of liquidity and the Squirrel AMM will return the tokens to the user
The Squirrel system allows users to easily and seamlessly earn rewards only possible on a decentralized system in providing liquidity to others.
Last modified 1yr ago