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Answering all your questions about Squirrelly Squirrels

Q: What are Squirrelly Squirrels?

A: Squirrels are unique NFTs—with more than 10,000 generated from 300 possible traits. No two are alike and they’re more than just art - they’re collectible pieces of friendly counterculture. When you join our scurry, you gain access to exclusive NFT upgrades, members-only offerings and benefits.

Q: How many Squirrels exist?

A: 10,000 - and that's it! Forever!

Q: What do I need to purchase?

A: Enough ETH in your Web3 wallet. We recommend Metamask.

Q: How much do they cost?

Squirrelly Squirrels are sold in bundles, where each Squirrel decreases in price the more you buy!
5 Squirrels: 0.45 ETH
3 Squirrels: 0.39 ETH
1 Squirrel: 0.16 ETH
Q: What type of IP ownership do I get with my purchase? A: Full rights to your Squirrels. Read our complete license here.
Q: What's an NFT?
A: NFTs are “Nut Foraging Tokens”— kidding.
Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are a way to own and sell digital property stored on the blockchain. When you purchase an NFT, you gain access to exclusive communities and establish a clear link of your ownership to your NFT digitally.
Q: Are some Squirrels rarer than others?
A: Though Squirrels are randomly generated, some traits are more rare than others. Once all Squirrels are in the market, you’ll be able to view their trait rarity through 3rd party tools such as Rarity Tools, which takes the combination of traits on each Squirrel into account and gives them a "Rarity Score." This score affects the value but the assessment of a Squirrels rarity is subjective. Of course, you increase your chances to get “rare” Squirrels if you get multiple Squirrels!
Get yourself a Squirrel that looks rare to you 💖
Q: How can I mint an NFT?
A: Once our sale is live you'll be able to mint your NFT by connecting your wallet then visit our minting page. There you will be able to select how many you want to buy. Note that the Squirrels will be kept under wraps for a few days after the mint.
More instructions will come as we get closer to our sale date. In the meantime, secure a spot on our whitelist to make sure your NFTs are minty fresh. If you miss the whitelist, you’ll still be able to buy in the public sale!
Q: When is the sale?
A: 10,000 Squirrelly Squirrels will be sold on Feb 10, 2022. Join our discord and get yourself on the whitelist to buy your NFTs 24 hours in advance of the live sale.
There are only 1,000 whitelist spots, so make sure you claim yours!
Q: How do you determine which Squirrel I receive after I purchase?
A: Each Squirrelly Squirrel is randomly assigned to a token when you mint. The actual image will be kept under wraps for a few days after...for dramatic effect. Head over to our NFT Distribution page to learn more about our provably fair process.
Q: How were the 10,000 Squirrels generated?
A: Our 10,000 Squirrelly Squirrels are generated from over 300 different hand-drawn traits, and each one is a unique combination, 1 of more than 450 billion possible outcomes 🥺
The specific Squirrel you receive will be assigned randomly when you mint. Learn more about our fully auditable fair process on our NFT Distribution page.
Q: Can I sell my Squirrelly?
A: A Squirrelly Squirrel is yours if you buy it, and you can do whatever you want with yours! We have a feeling you might want to store your Squirrels for the winter and HODL though 😌
Q: How many Squirrels can I buy?
You can purchase 1 bundle (5, 3 or 1 Squirrels) per blockchain transaction. During the pre-sale, this will be limited to 1 transaction per whitelist spot.
In the public sale, you will be able to get as many as you want 😊
Q: How do I use Metamask?
A: It's super easy and can hold all your Squirrelly Squirrels. Check right with the source 👉https://metamask.io/
Q: How do I ensure safety during the mint?
Your safety and security are important to us. Our community managers are trained (and provide 24/7 coverage in our communities) to study the latest trends in scams and make sure that they are keeping our communities safe.
Never provide others with your private key, make sure to bookmark the proper Squirrelly Squirrels webpage so that you're on the correct site for your purchase, remember that Squirrel community managers will never message you first, and double-check the verified smart contract addresses when making your purchase.
If you have any questions at all make sure to ask in our Discord and our community managers will help ensure that you make a safe purchase.

Other Key Information:

  • Release date: February 9th 2022
  • Total number of tokens: 10,000
  • Tokens withheld from the sale: 300 (giveaways, team and marketing)
  • Token type: ERC721
  • File hosting: IPFS
  • Royalty fees: 5%
  • Number of traits: 300
  • Number of attributes: 8
  • Licensing: commercial rights (please see Terms)
  • Reveal type: One week after mint
  • Possible combinations: 450 Billion