🐿️Squirrelly Squirrels

10k algorithmically generated Squirrels ruling the metaverse

Nut Foraging Treasure Hunters

Squirrelling away their fortunes in a utopia with no gas fees and high APY

For most of history, squirrels spent nearly all of their time collecting nuts and storing them away in “secure” locations. Day in, day out, all around the world, hard-working squirrels carefully accrued nuts and put them into caches—burying and unburying them over and over to simply remember where they were located. Many nuts were lost because they were forgotten—and 25% of all nuts buried were stolen by other squirrels. For a long time, it seemed like the average, law-abiding squirrel could never get ahead. This was because they were practicing traditional nut-saving techniques like the squirrels before them, and the rest of squirrel society as a whole. But then something happened.

A small community of 10,000 Squirrelly Squirrels figured out a way to change how they stored their treasures. Suspicious of thieves, they started hiding their nuts in difficult-to-find corners of the digital universe. To combat forgetting where their nuts were hidden, they stored them on the Ethereum blockchain—ensuring there would never again be confusion about whose nut was whose, or where it came from. Lastly, these Squirrels realized that the only truly secure place for their nuts was somewhere they could access with the correct, private key—where they could trade their nuts with other Squirrels easily behind closed doors.

These Squirrels made their own fortunes. They weren’t afraid to be different and create a Squirrelverse of like-minded foragers. Together, they enjoy special, members-only privileges. They share tips on how to store nuts, or what new nuts are best to squirrel away. They even give advice on the best places to trade nuts and help rate the value of each other's caches.

And when the other squirrels lose their nuts, Squirrelly Squirrels won’t. Owning a Squirrelly Squirrel is your membership in our Discord community and early access pass for our wallet.

Don’t be a regular squirrel. Be a Squirrelly Squirrel.

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