Squirrelly Roadmap

Roadmap for Squirrelly Squirrels NFTs

Welcome to the Squirrelverse

Squirrelly Squirrels are part of the Squirrel ecosystem of products where our experienced team is building the next generation of blockchain technologies and digital assets for the next wave of retail users. We're technologists building top blockchain technology.
Join our Discord today and become part of the Squirrel community. Earn a whitelist spot to mint a Squirrelly Squirrel through your participation. Admins will be giving active, engaging members a whitelist spot in the Squirrelly Squirrel pre-sale. Show off your nutty side and earn a whitelist spot!
We are in the process of becoming a verified collection on OpenSea. Due to the increased demand for our NFTs this will be important for the safety of our users.

We're making a wallet

Not just any wallet. We're building the wallet that will help onboard a mass audience of new NFT and DeFi enthusiasts. The Squirrel Smart Wallet has no private key management or gas fees .... plus it's non-custodial, meaning that you can safely store your NUTS without anyone having access to your private key 🙌
Squirrel Wallet has been in development for 1 year already and will be iOS and Android compatible. We're aiming to launch the MVP of the wallet by July 2022.
Squirrelly Squirrel utility within the wallet will include:
  • Verify your Squirrelly Squirrel NFT as your profile picture to flex your Squirrel
  • Native staking of your Squirrelly Squirrel to earn NUTS
  • Receive perks and future derivatives of Squirrels that holders will be eligible for directly within your wallet
  • Retroactive airdrop of NUTS tokens directly to any wallet (including the Squirrel Smart Wallet) that you hold your Squirrel in (plus... many other variables in the retroactive airdrop that will allow us to reward our early adopters and grow the best community 🔥)
  • Special NUTS Package bomb to lucky Squirrelly Squirrels holders (specifically some OG holders from the initial mint) when NUTS token launches 🤌

We're building a community

We have some of the top community builders and everything we do at Squirrel will be for our community.
  • We're launching our NUTS tokens with a retroactive airdrop to Squirrelly Squirrels holders 🤯🔥(special surprise if you're an original holder of Squirrelly Squirrels from the sale)
  • A private Discord channel for only Squirrelly Squirrel holders to access
  • Once we sell out we are going to start working with the community on Gen2 evolution opportunities for Squirrelly Squirrel holders
  • We're working on minigames for Squirrels. Have ideas? Shoot us a message in our community!
  • Squirrels will be coming to the Metaverse. You heard it here first. Look out for key Metaverse partnerships to bring more utility to Squirrelly Squirrels

We're flexing Squirrel IRL

  • An exclusive Squirrelly Squirrel merchandise store for NFT holders to rep their Squirrel IRL
  • Digitally authenticated NFT frames for you to show off your Squirrel at your home or office
  • Your Squirrelly Squirrel doubles as your VIP Access Pass to all real-world events for Squirrelly Squirrels holders around the world

We're taking Squirrel viral!! 🔥

Our team has master marketers that have worked on crypto projects since 2015. We have a vast network of contacts that will allow us to build partnerships with influencers, other crypto companies, traditional media, and other communities.
Our 2022 marketing plan consists of:
  • Tier 1 press coverage and interviews
  • Significant SEO expenditure to take over the Internet for the Squirrel Smart Wallet and be the most trusted voice for newcomers choosing their first crypto wallet for NFTs and DeFi investing
  • Bringing Squirrelly Squirrels to the top crypto conferences
  • Partnerships with media organizations to build out a pipeline of distribution for news about Squirrelly Squirrels
  • IRL partnerships with top brands to bring Squirrelly Squirrels mainstream... because everyone is nutty 😎
  • Partnerships with top crypto venture capital firms that our team has worked with in the past to help grow our communities
  • Partnerships with mainstream tier 1 influencers in sports and entertainment that our team has worked with in the past to get them flexing their Squirrelly Squirrels as their profile pictures online
  • International community partnerships to bring Squirrelly Squirrels global to countries all over the world
  • Paid ad spend to find the squirrelliest of people around the world to join our communities