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Within the Squirrel Wallet, through our automated market maker, users are able to trade and exchange their tokens for any other supported tokens.
Specific Token Pairs can be selected to provide liquidity for or users can simply import their own
As the transaction is directly tied to the liquidity pool and will not need to rely on another user trading the opposite exchange pair. This means the exchange is instantaneous and completely autonomous.
As a reward, LP tokens will be rewarded which can be used for more ways to earn or to redeem for NUTS
Once complete, the tokens owned will be reflected and the record of the exchange can be viewed on the blockchain.
Simply fill-in the required amount of liquidity and the Squirrel AMM will return the tokens to the user
The Squirrel wallet's exchange and trade are done with very minimal cost and at an instant rate. This feature was built so that Squirrel Wallet users will have fast and full control of their tokens within the wallet.
Last modified 1yr ago