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NUTS tokens power the Squirrel ecosystem


  • Earn network fees from the Squirrel ecosystem
  • Stake to earn yield
  • Govern the Squirrel ecosystem of products
  • Save fees within the Squirrel ecosystem
Full tokeneconomics coming soon. Stake your Squirrelly Squirrel to earn NUTS.
Yes. There will be a retroactive airdrop to Squirrelly Squirrel owners... Proposed structure (DRAFT):
  • Initial supply 1 billion
  • 70% allocation to retroactive airdrop (NFTs and wallet users)
  • Yield incentive token drawing liquidity to the Squirrel AMM and Squirrel Wallet (designed from CAKE and BNB tokeneconomics)
  • Squirrelly Squirrels owners will receive 50% of fees generated from the app through staking
  • Squirrelly Squirrels owners, and specifically public sale purchasers, will receive a much higher weighting of retroactive airdrop for their loyalty
Bury your NUTS. Earn yield.