Famous Squirrels

Get to know the movers and shakers of the Squirrelverse!

Ser Chester P. Nut

Ser Chester P. Nut is a whimsical squirrel - you could even say he’s a little willy wonky. After all, he was nutty enough to come up with the idea for the Squirrelverse to begin with.

His knack for gathering nuts made him very wealthy, but Chester had a bigger vision. He believed that all Squirrels could prosper if they hid their nuts from humans, so he decided to spend it all to build a safe haven. It wasn’t long before the Squirrels chose him to be their leader.

Strangely, no matter what he put into the Squirrelverse the nuts came rolling back. They say Fortune favors the bold, and none are bolder than the Squirrel King.

Yuna Skwerl

She's a beam of light in the Squirrelverse, Squirrel idol, and influencer. Despite being the firstborn of a famous Squirrel scientist, Yuna prefers the beautiful (artificial) outdoors to the sterile halls of her father's lab.

She loves to go looking rainbows so she can follow it to see where it leads. Every time one appears, her eyes light up with glee and excitement for adventure.


Spinner lives for the thrill. Anywhere they have to go, they take their jetpack for a joyride. They love the feeling of zipping around in the Squirrelverse, wind in their tail. So much so, they often end up somewhere far away and a little lost! Thankfully the Squirrelverse has an artificial sky, and every night the skies light up to lead you back to the city center.

With a love for speed and a terrible sense of direction, this rowdy squirrel is one that’s hard to catch.


Good natured Forage loves a hearty meal followed by a nice nap. Their sweet charm and good humor makes them one of the best-loved amongst Squirrels. For Forage, the Squirrelverse is home and life here is everything they've ever wanted - who needs anything more?


Flyer, despite his rather descriptive name, is more an aircraft marshaller than a flyer. He’s loved airplanes from the time he was a young squirrel, but is terrified of heights. He's therefore made a career for himself guiding Squirrel pilots to land their aircrafts, and as air marshals go, Flyer is the absolute top gun. Some pilots are a little nutty with their landings sometimes, but Flyer says he doesn't mind. "It keeps me on my toes, ha..haha," he'll say, with a noticeable tremble in his voice.


A highly skilled ninja squirrel that excels at the art of nut foraging and information gathering. They wear all black to sneak around in the shadows. Their wherabouts are often unknown, and that's how they'd like to keep things.

Agile and fearless, Sly travels across the Squirrelverse and surface world with ease and can tell you definitively that they prefer the Squirrelverse. This Metaverse thing the humans are talking about though, could be a different story. Sly could possibly get with the Metaverse.


Dr. Frank N. Skwerl

Dr. Frank N. Skwerl is the Squirrellies' maddest, raddest, scientist. As the mind behind much of their technology, Dr. Skwerl knows better than most just how easily they could take over the surface. Just how much they deserved to take the surface. But he can’t do it alone and the Squirrels seem happy with their utopia. Why did he have to make it so perfect?

He’s been watching the silly humans for years, and recently they seem obsessed with a new world on the internet, the Metaverse. If his fellow Squirrels won’t take the surface world, perhaps they could take the Metaverse instead...


For Scratch, it’s rock and roll luv and his dream is to share his art with the world. Inspired by many of the kings of rock and roll, Scratch spends his days making music with absolutely anything he can find, and the Squirrellies are his biggest fans. During one of his concerts, he was shredding on the guitar and accidentally produced sound waves big enough to create a mass amount of energy. The Squirrels discovered that they could use this energy for something bigger…


Trekker is out of this world. They’re one of the few Squirrels who have ventured in and out of the Squirrelverse to the human world. Trekker does it to observe the night sky. They dream of beings more advanced than Squirrels visiting from places far away. One day they overheard humans talking about a "metaverse". What's this, a new galaxy to explore?

The crazy scientist was the only one who would listen and promised they would make contact with whoever was on the other side. Trekker can't wait to see what's in store for the Squirrels and what awesome friends they'll make in this new world.


One small step for Squirrelly Squirrels, one giant leap for rodentkind! Astro makes regular trips to outer space to gather all sorts of intel for the Squirrelverse - weather patterns (earth and space), all sorts of interesting scientific discoveries, crypto news and government secrets.

Astro was never that attached to the hidden Squirrelverse or the surface world, but enamored with the idea of this new digital world. It's their mission to venture where no Squirrel has been before - out there in the Metaverse, what new galaxies are there to explore?


Redbeard roams the Squirrelverse looking far and wide for the finest treasures. Like any good fantastical treasure hoarder, he hides his stash, but these days he does this behind puzzles, encrypted keys, secret codes. He finds riddles and puzzles fun, and the interaction with adventurous Squirrels is an added bonus - it's no fun to dragon alone! He rewards those who succeed in solving his puzzle, but any one who dares step near his treasures uninvited is sure to meet their end in a fiery feud.


Rambo is a rambunctious pilot, a lone wolf who makes his own rules in the Squirrelverse. His mischievous ways often end him up in dangerous situations, but at least he has stories to tell! His expert guerilla tactics have protected the Squirrels from human discovery on many occasions. Somewhere deep inside though, Rambo longs to explore worlds outside the Squirrelverse. Recently, there've been whispers of a Metaverse beyond...will he answer this call to adventure?

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